1: Daniel Rogachev, Digital Marketing and Advertising

Daniel Rogachev is a freelancer from Bulgaria, working in the field of Digital Marketing and Advertising. His goal is to work all around the world and his first destination will be Portugal.

daniel rogachev

Daniel Rogachev

You can find him here:
web: http://rogachevmarketing.com
e-mail: rogachevmarketing@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rogachevmarketing

  1. Hi Daniel, tell me who you are and what do you do as a freelancer doing?

Hello, my frineds call me Dany. I am from Bulgaria and I am working in the field of Digital Marketing and Advertising.

  1. How long have you been working as a freelaner now?

Only with freelancing  –  something about  a year, But before I was doing both freelancing and working in a company as a marketing specialist.

  1. Why did you decide to become a freelancer? Did you think about it for a long time or did your decision come suddenly?

Goog question, maybe this – that you are making money for someone else if you are working for someone.

  1. Are there a lot of freelancers in your business?

Yes, actually. There are a lot of them, but still – there is enough work for everybody.

  1. What do your clients expect from you?

With one word – to higher their sells.

  1. Who are your typical clients?

Mostly, start-ups from Bulgaria but from 1-2 moths there are some from abroad.

  1. How did you gain your first customers?

Haha, my first customer was one of my father’s friends. It was failed 😀

  1. The biggest marketing challenge that you deal with?

It was a dying business for import/export and the last 1000$ that the owner had was spent in my google campaign – it was really big responsibility.

  1. How does your typical working day look like? What do you do when you are not working? How many hours/days per week are you working?

This is the best part of working as a freelancer – you are choosing how much, when and where, but usually its a lot of working 😀

  1. Which books do you recommend to freelancers?

My favourite writer is Robert Kiyosaki, I can highly recommend all of his books.

  1. What is your current inspiration that drives you in the business?

To help small firms to grow and improve.

  1. What would you advise someone who has an idea, but no money?

To make a facebook page, to inform all of his friend and relatives what he/she is doing, to show some previous project and to search client offline.

  1. What was the best business advice you received?

Reject a project that you can not fulfill in a perfect way.

  1. What do you often dream about when you’re not working?

I am not dreaming, actually. I have aims, not dreams. If I want something I just working hard to achieve it.

  1. The place where you find your peace?

At home.

  1. Top 3 mobile app on your smartphone?

Facebook Gmail and Hangouts, nothing more.

  1. What do you do in your free time?

Reading, travelling, skiing and yeah.. drinking beer 😀

  1. Your last vacation?

1 month ago I was in Santiago de Compostela in Spain and Porto in Portugal.

  1. Business plans for the future?

Taking 2 or 3 big project and working it from Portugal.

I’d like to thank Daniel for share with us his story of success. I wish you all the best in your future projects and personal life!