22: Marc Romero Boixade, Photographer

Marc Romero Boixade is a photographer from Barcelona, Spain.

Marc Romero Boixade

Marc Romero Boixade

You can find him here:
Email: marcrbphotography@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/marcrbphoto
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Marc.rb

  1. Hi Marc, tell me who you are and what do you do as a freelancer?

I’m a freelance photographer who loves taking pictures from everyone who’s around me and showing how they make me feel and the connection that bond us. Portrait photography is my favorite one, but It also passionates me to hunt emotions from unknown people at every event I go as a “Light Hunter” (I always use that expression; I love how it sounds…).

  1. How long have you been working as a freelancer now?

For a year, when I started working in this world in a professional way. But I almost had all my life a camera in my hands.

  1. Why did you decide to become a freelancer? Did you think about it for a long time or did your decision come suddenly?

In fact, my lightning teacher recommended me to become freelancer, because he thought that I could be a professional photographer, so I could make sure to be paid well.

  1. What do your clients expect from you?

Being professional and make them feel comfortable; so they can express themselves as they are.

  1. Who are your typical clients?

As myself (Marc.RB Photo) I take pictures of kids and families, and also special events such as weddings, new born… and also some advertisement stuff for different stores.

I work in a productions company, and I have a big variety of costumers; from music groups, to fragrance brands (Calvin Klein, Mon Guerlain…) making promotional articles with videos and pictures.

  1. How did you gain your first customers?

Telling people that I was photographer and showing my works through the Social Media.

  1. John Wanamaker said: Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I do not know which half. Do you gain your clients by advertising or in another way?

Nowadays, we are SO lucky because we have the best window to the world so everyone can see our work. Social Media has became my main source of information and a link to everyone, so I use it to promote myself.

  1. The best marketing move, you’ve done?

A huge banner with one of my pictures in the Main Street of my town. Everyone congratulated me for that, it was amazing.

  1. Do you hire outsourcing service providers for services, which you believe are a waste of your time?

I work with a designers company who help me creating books and printing my pics in an exceptional paper that I love!

  1. What is your current inspiration that drives you in the business?

It’s just my passion, my motivations are the feelings that this job brings to me every time I’m working…

  1. What would you advise someone who has an idea, but no money?

“Talk to people about that project and find a great team to start and carry on with it. Money is not always a must, there are some different ways to reach your dreams”

  1. Do you have an online resource which you use regularly? Which one?

I usually use 500px to get some ideas and references; I like the professional skills that almost all of the users have.

  1. What do you often dream about when you’re not working?

Travelling around the world meeting random people and having amazing experiences, discovering places that make me feel incredibly alive.

  1. The place where you find your peace?

In my hometown, Cardona; a little village where my shelter is, and I can disconnect from Barcelona.

  1. Top 3 mobile apps on your smartphone?
  • Snapseed
  • Instagram
  • Camera Connect by Canon
  1. What do you do in your free time?

Hang out with my friends, go to the gym or just listen to some good music.

  1. Your plans for the future?

I would like to go abroad and work somewhere as a photographer.

Marc’s work and references: