8: Matteo Pignatelli, 3D Artist

Matteo Pignatelli is a 3D Artist from Udine, Italy.

You can find him here:
web: www.aristographic.com
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/matteo-pignatelli/

  1. Hi Matteo, tell me who you are and what do you as a freelancer doing?

Hello, I’m an Italian 3D artist modelling and texturing objects/characters, mostly for videogames.

  1. How long have you been working as a freelancer now?

I’ve been a freelancer since I was 15. At that time I was designing website and logotypes.

  1. What makes you become freelancer? You thought about it a long time or your decision came suddenly?

Networking with distant agencies have made the process pretty straight forward. I’ve been employed for quite few years but I’ve never stop doing freelancing in the spare time.

  1. What is your competitive advantage because of which clients hired you?

I think I tackle every project as my own, integrating an huge amount of passion and precision in it.

  1. Who is your competition? What has that you don’t have?

As a 3D artist there’re lot of competitors overseas where the majority of videogames are made.

  1. It is a lot of freelancers in your business?

Quite a lot but most studios want you to relocate and be on site.

  1. What do customers expect from you?

Dedication and attention to details.

  1. Who are your typical clients?

Small independent studios and software-houses. How has your business changed over time?The bar is raised montly and new tech is evolving every other year.

  1. How did you gain your first customers?

Showing interest in his project and offering some help.

  1. John Wanamaker said: Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I do not know which half. Do you gain your clients by advertising or in another way?

I just spend some money to rent some housing/hosting for my website/portfolio.

  1. How does your typical working day look like? What do you do when you are not working? How many hours/days per week are you working?

Basically every day is about working 4 hours in the morning, late lunch, couple more hours in the afternoon and a bunch of hours after dinner. Sometimes I do some extra work during the late night.

  1. What was the best business advice you received?

Practice, Practice and more Practice.

  1. Do you have an online resource which you use regularly? Which one?

I use linkedin, searching for opportunuties.

Matteo’s work and references:

MP boneclub lowpoly.

MP boneclub lowpoly.

Survivor hipoly wip12

Survivor hipoly wip12.

MP guard low1

MP guard low1