Poker Chips Tricks

So you are about to go head-to-head with a friend or family member and you’re trying to find poker chips tricks that will help you. There are many different techniques you can use in a game of poker and one of the more overlooked poker chip tricks is the blindfolded bet.

poker chips tricks

The blindfolded bet is one of the more overlooked poker chip tricks out there because it can be very difficult to implement, but it can still be effective. The blindfolded bet is a slightly risky tactic, but it can have some of the same effects as the “what can you do” hands you may find in poker strategy guides.

Here’s how the blindfolded poker chip trick works. All you have to do is choose a pair of poker chips which are worth less than the blinds, either at the table or from a dealer face down card. If the poker chips are the lowest denomination you can still use them as a bluff if they turn out to be worth more at the table. Once you have your blindfolded poker chips you can get out there and play at the table by telling your opponent that you want to call his bet at all costs.

As soon as he calls, you raise the hand and call his potential action. This leaves your hand stronger than the hand he had to play against you, so you get to flip a flush. You also have an edge on him because you are using the money he was going to put down.

One more poker chip tricks that can really boost your game is flipping the ace and the two of hearts. The ace is one of the weakest cards in the deck, but when it has an ace face up it looks like a set, so it is more likely to be called by your opponent. Flipping the two of hearts usually looks like a four of diamonds so your opponent may not even expect you to flip the two of hearts if he plays around your ace.

You can also use poker chip tricks to help you in online games, but you should keep in mind that those methods are unlikely to work in real life because you would need to have the right set of cards to call. These poker chip tricks are great for practice. A good way to play is to choose a few strategies and make a practice run at each and see what works best.

Hopefully you have learned a few poker chips tricks to help you with your game. Try a few out and let me know what you think.