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46: Fabio Carbone, Writer

Fabio Carbone is Italian versatile writer freelance from Naples. Fabio writes in Italian language about blockchain and cryptocurrency, Industry 4.0, digital economy, Space and more.

Fabio Carbone

Fabio Carbone

You can find him here:
Website: dream.ac/fabio-carbone
E-mail: f.carbone80@libero.it
Twitter: @FabioCarbone80
LinkedIn: @carbonefabiowriter

  1. Hi Fabio, how long have you been working as a freelancer now?

I am Italian versatile writer freelance from 2013. I write in particular of digital economy, cryptocurrency and blockchain, Industry 4.0, Space and, when I have time, I take care of the blog dedicated to my freshwater turtle and my personal blog where I collect personal thoughts and reflections.

But it is clear to know a topic and writing is not enough, the articles must be SEO oriented and perhaps accompanied by structured data (for example microdata) when needed.

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